INTERNUTRI BIRDS with FOS+MOS, vitamins and animo acids

The supplementation of FOS and MOS, associated with vitamins and amino acids in bird seed’s mixtures, helps to reduce nutritional losses associated with factors such as:

. Harvest and storage process;

. Seed processing;

. Presence of anti-nutritive factors.

On the other hand, the prebiotics (FOS and MOS), stand out more and more as one of the main alternatives to antibiotics, to promote the correct development of birds, through the

synergistic effect in the microflora.


internutri paté

INTERNUTRI PATÉ – New 10kg packaging

We present to you the new 10kg packages of the “INTERNUTRI PATÉ” range, adapted and customized to each product.


internutri ZOO

Internutri ZOO

Do you know the INTERNUTRI ZOO range? Exotic, colorful and irreverent.
Extruded products specially developed for exotic animals – Flamingos, Monkeys, Parrots and Toucans. This range of complementary foods was created thinking about the exquisite characteristics of each one of these animals.



GOSTE PARA AJUDAR – Feed Donation Campaign

On October 4th, was once more again celebrated the DAY OF THE ANIMAL. To mark the date, INTERNUTRI launched the campaign GOSTE PARA AJUDAR!

The campaign consisted of donating 6440kg of dry pet food, for dogs and cats, to 8 Animal Support Associations in the district of Aveiro. The objective was to make them known, praise and help the excellent work that these associations, and their volunteers, develop.

We have to thank them, in such a complicated time, for all their effort and dedication to these animals.

campanha recicle sempre

Recycle Always

It’s in our hands to take care of our planet.
Ovargado joins Sociedade Ponto Verde in the “Recicle Sempre” campaign, a campaign aimed at raising consumer awareness for the separation of all product packages.
In Ovargado products packaging we help you in that task by indicating the symbol of the correct ecopoint where you should put them.
Because it is everyone’s duty to help this cause, the smallest gesture counts!
Always Recycle!


FSSC 22000

Since July 2019, Ovargado S.A. has been an FSSC 22000 certified company in its pet food production facility.
The FSSC 22000 certification has its focus on the food sector, and verifies the quality, hygiene and safety of the entire manufacturing process.
This certification is another reason to strengthen our customers’ trust.

Ovargado – The certainty of healthy diet.


PET FESTIVAL 2019, Portugal

Once again Internutri attended the Pet Festival exhibition. It took place from the 1st to the 3rd of February 2019. This is the largest exhibition in Portugal dedicated to pets.


INTERZOO 2018, Germany

Ovargado, continued to attend the main international fairs in 2018. In Nuremberg, Germany, from the 8th to the 11th  of May, Internutri was once again represented at INTERZOO, which is considered one of the largest International Animal Products Exhibitions.


PET FESTIVAL 2018, Portugal

A internutri esteve presente na Fil  Pet Festival – FIL em Lisboa. Uma feira dedicada aos animais de estimação que decorrei de 2 a 4 de Fevereiro de 2018.


EXPOZOO 2018, France

EXPOZOO took place in Paris, between the 12th and the 14th of January and  and was attended by Internutri. Another important presence in international fairs.